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Hector is an architect, researcher and entrepreneur with a longstanding interest in the structural use of bamboo and wood as mainstream materials in construction.

Hector is a keen scholar and communicator who has engaged in multiple research, networking, and outreach activities internationally and published his work in journals, magazines and specialised blogs. He has taught, tutored, supervised and assessed projects in architectural and engineering undergraduate and master courses.

Hector participates in research networks such as COST Action, is member of the research group GEIS in Colombia, Core expert at the INBAR’s Task Force on Bamboo Construction and part of the international committee of the World Bamboo Congress (WBC). He regularly reviews papers in scientific journals and research funding proposals at COST Association.

Hector has been recently honoured with a Visiting Research Fellow position at the University of Bath and the World Bamboo Ambassador title by the WBO. His native language is Spanish, he is fluent in English and has an advanced level of Portuguese.

NEWS & EVENTS (Details)

July 2014, Award "Wood preservation Fund student scholarship" by the Forest Products Society. Read more. 

4th March 2014, Journal paper publication "Elastic Properties of Thermo-Hydro-Mechanically Modified Bamboo (Guadua angustifoliaKunth) Measured in Tension". Read more.

28th February 2014, Participation on the Researcher Links workshop: Promoting bamboo as a construction material, Colombia.

19th February 2014, Oral presentation of the paper "Mechanical Characterization of engineered Guadua-bamboo panels using Digital Image Correlation" at the Young Researchers Forum II, UCL, London. Read more.

23rd October 2013, Attendance business program @ Innovation centre, U of Bath. Read more

3rd October 2013, Bamboo UK research meeting, University of Cambridge. More info

21st May 2013, Conference attendance "Focus Solid Timber Solutions – European Conference on Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)" . Graz, Austria. Read more.

27th March 2013, Award one of the best Oral presentations. XIV IC-NOCMAT 2013  Read more.

March 2013, Conference travel grant awarded by ARMOURERS & BRASIERS' COMPANY. Read more.

21st August 2012, Press release (Team investigates potential of bamboo for home construction). The Engineer. Read more.

16th August 2012, Press release  Read more.

18th June 2012, Journal paper publication "Low Carbon Construction Using Guadua Bamboo in Colombia". Read more.

14th May 2012, Participation at LimesNet (Renewable materials workshop). Read more

10th April 2012, IXth WORLD BAMBOO CONGRESS (WBC). Hector has attended the last version of the WBC 2012 in Belgium and has presented his current work at the University of Bath.

January 2012, VISIT TO RESEARCH CENTRES AND BAMBOO PRODUCTION COMPANIES IN COLOMBIA. Visit to the state of the art research centres and companies in Colombia.

November 2011Presentation at the BRSLI (Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Society)'Bamboo a grass for all uses'.

October 2011, RESEARCH VISIT & NOCMAT CONFERENCE IN CHINA. Visit to research group at the Chinese Forestry Academy in Beijing and oral presentation at NOCMAT 2012.

29th March 2011, ARMOURERS & BRASIERS' COMPANY has awarded Hector a travel Grant for the NOCMAT 2011 Conference in Changsha, China. Read more.

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Wood & Bamboo Science & Engineering.

Advanced Materials & Manufacturing.

Architectural Engineering.

Circular Economy.

Green Building & Design.

Advanced Materials Engineering.

Sustainable Feedstocks

Disruptive Innovation.

Engineering for Sustainability and Resilience.

Scale-up Methodologies for Novel Manufacturing Products and Processes

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